.45 CALIBER (Overdrive)


Slightly overdriven 1962 JTM 45 sound, Malcolm Young and Pete Townshend Style.

The .45 Caliber is a pedal we have been asked to create for some time now. It is a recreation of the original 1962 JTM 45 sound, overdriven. The sonic influence came directly from the old Malcolm Young, brilliantly crunchy rhythm tones and the old Pete Townsend Live at Leeds, “face-melting” goodness! To achieve that sound seems like an easy task but this design proved to be quite a challenge. After a year or so we feel we have nailed it, not only in sound, but also in feel.


  • Overdrive sound of an original 1962 JTM 45 Amp
  • Create tones in the style of Pete Townshend or Malcom Young
  • Controls for Loud, Gain, Bass, Treble
  • True Bypass
  • Top mounted Inputs and Outputs
  • Super robust steel enclosure
  • Small J.Rockett pedal footprint
  • Classic style bakelite knobs
  • 9V DC tip negativ
  • Made in the US

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Building a Rocket (Guitar Summit Workshop)

The guys from J. Rockett give you an entertaining insight into the manufacturing process of their popular pedals, such as the "Archer". Anyone who has ever held a Rockett pedal in their hands knows about the striking quality and sturdiness that characterize this brand. The weight of the housing alone and the feel of the controls immediately exude enormous value and a great feeling - even before the first note has been played! Rockett Pedals - Made in California, USA.

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