Acoustic GiG (Acoustic Preamp and Multi-FX)


Acoustic GiG is a powerful, professional tool for any acoustic guitar player.

The Acoustic GiG begins with Carl Martin's award winning Compressor/Limiter circuit.  Individual controls for compression and level allow for simple and easy operation. Next, is the well known and highly respected Vintage Style Echo with controls for level, tone, repeat and tap-tempo, plus the  'Dotted 8th Note' switch for the most beautiful musical echo. The Reverb is a new Analogue/Digital Hybrid, tailored after the vintage-style spring reverbs so suitable for guitar. A beautiful, shimmering, yet warm reverb with the added bonus of becoming a more modulation/chorus/reverb texture at higher settings. To gain maximum EQ shaping, we found it necessary to include a high quality semi parametric EQ.  We incorporated this section directly from Carl Martin’s famous 3 Band Parametric Pre-Amp which allows for the specific shaping of tone from your guitar and pickup.


  • Preamp and effects processor for Acoustic Guitar
  • Compressor/Limiter, 3-band semi-parametric EQ, Boost, Reverb, Echo, Tuner
  • Features Carl Martin’s award-winning compressor / limiter circuit
  • 3-band semi-parametric pre-amp EQ for specific tone-shaping
  • Low-, Mid- and High-band with individual frequency control
  • Musical vintage-style echo with tap-tempo and dotted eight option
  • Analog/digital hybrid Reverb with added modulation/chorus at higher settings
  • Crystal-clean boost with up to 15dB
  • Phase-shift switch avoids potential feedback
  • Precise guitar-tuner with display
  • Global Mute switch
  • Balanced XLR DI Output with ground lift
  • Insert-Send-Return (post-boost, pre-EQ)
  • Power Supply included
  • Direct 9-12 V DC output to feed an extra pedal
  • Conceived and designed by Carl Martin Denmark

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