Ampeg Portaflex-Series


Ampeg’s Portaflex PF-350 delivers legendary Ampeg tone in a compact design that is simple and easy to use while pushing out 350 watts. This amps is equally well suited to recording studio dates, smaller gigs or for simply jamming at home.  Pairs great with a smaller Portaflex cab.


Ampeg’s Portaflex PF-500 ups the power to 500 watts and gives you more of that classic Ampeg tone through the MOSFET preamp and enhanced tone stack. Featuring Ultra Hi/ Ultra Lo and a 5-position mid frequency selector the PF-500 gives you plenty of tone, power and portability. Pairs great with any Portaflex cab.


Ampeg’s Portaflex PF-800 gives you all the great features of the PF-500 but with enough power to play even the biggest venue. The PF_800 is aimed at the power-hungry player with a demand for uncompromising tone. Pairs great with one or two Portaflex cabs or any of the larger Classic cabs for even more volume.


Ampeg´s Portaflex Tube Series faithfully reproduces the legendary tone and portability of the all-tube Ampeg Flip-Top amplifiers, providing a harmonically rich and studio-worthy pure Ampeg tone to satisfy the most discerning bass player. The PF50T/20T heads also feature dual XLR direct outputs, preamp and transformer, and with no speaker load required these heads work great as a stand -alone tube DI. Paris great with the Portaflex Flip-Top cabs.

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