Bass Cabinets


One speaker heads upwards, the other(s) to the front. Simple principle, perfect sound for everybody - the player (no matter where he stands) and the audience

Wohlklang 08 (2 x 8 inch): Perfect for rehearsal rooms and small clubs. But with 300 W also capable for more

Wohlklang 13 (3 x 10 inch): Great allround cabinet.  A load capacity of 600 W provides enough sound pressure even for big stages. And as all cabs of the Wohlklang series, with a linear frequency response

BassQube 312 (3 x 12 inch): If enough is not enough, then that's your cabinet. Handles 1000 W like nothing. As this overkill is only demanded by rock bass players, the sound is not neutral by far, but delivers a perfect tone for that genre

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