Telecaster and Broadcaster Replica



In recent years I have had the honour but also the pleasure to repair and analyse Tele pickups from the 50s. The insights I have gained have been exploited in my Tele products. Each TL set is provided with its own fitting capacitor and a piece of 7 stranded cloth wire for the internal wiring.


The first pickups Leo Fender made for the Broadcaster were wound with AWG 43 wiring and were a close relative of the Lap-Steel pickups of the time. The NC49 Set brings that “Mother of all Telecaster Sounds” back to life. The neck pickup has a historically authentic brass cover and has all the original sounds: powerful but somehow more jass intoned than modern Tele pickups. The BCB 49 bridge pickup sounds fuller in the mids thatn the TLB 50 bridge pickup and has that fascinating caramel covering: sweet highs and a sliver of “Brown Sugar” to the bass. The BC 49 Set manages to sweeten the authoritative Fender Blackface Amp with a shot of Tweed.

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