De Gier Bebop


Bebop basses are known for their excellent playability. Bebop has a carefully designed neck construction. The neck feels very thin, but when you actually take measurements it has an average thickness. It is very stiff, which allows for finetuning your low action. The frets are small, for very comfortable playing.

There are different types of J sound and Bebop has many of them in house, thanks to our Dual Tone and Fatboost. You can go from warm 60's to modern slap sound.

There are tons of options to personalize the looks, and to a degree the sound. Check the De Gier gallery for inspiration.

Bebop is also available in 70's version. This one includes a unique preamp. There's no other preamp that I know of that sounds so musically. Check for details here and here.

Here's a cool video with Ida Nielsen checking out a De Gier Bebop.

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