Black Spirit 200 Head – Like no amp before


Black Spirit 200 delivers an explosive ride through musical history, a four-channel eruption of thrilling sounds that gives you the most intense playing experience you’ve ever felt. The groundbreaking new bionic Spirit Tone Generator houses the essence of real tube amp physics in a strictly analog way and faithfully recreates the vivid interactions of traditional tube amp circuits with all of the intensity. Plus: the world’s first true power amp sagging control lets you dial in as much tube creaminess and growl as your tone needs - regardless of volume level.

On top of its inspirational tone, Black Spirit 200 packs a comprehensive range of built-in reverb, delay, and modulation effects. What’s more, any channel and effect controls can be stored in up to 128 presets and recalled any time – even with an App for iPad connected via Bluetooth!

Blessed with incredible practicality and an exhilarating range of sounds and features, immense power, and weighing in at just 8 lbs., Black Spirit 200 is perfect for anywhere from your bedroom to the world’s biggest stadiums. It is truly an amp like no amp before.

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