BluGuitar cabs and accessories


BluGuitar is not just about AMP1! As well as the Mercury and Iridium Edition amps, Thomas Blug and team offer players the best-sounding and most flexible setup ever, in the most easily transportable format ever, including cabs, the BluBox speaker simulator, the REMOTE1 MIDI controller and more.

From AMP1 to the smallest 1x12" cabinet in the world, our high-class products are a guitar player's dream: great sound, immense flexibility, light weight, easy to control and use - BluGuitar products are "BOUTIQUE TO GO"!

First up are the cabs: NANOCAB, FATCAB and TWINCAB. The ultra-compact NANOCAB is the smallest 1x12 with the biggest sound available today. It is simply the absolute reference for compact cabs and has no real competitors. Because of its bass reflex the NANOCAB’s sound is surprisingly big, with a never expected low-end. The NANOCAB can assert itself in the context of the band, and - thanks to its compactness - can be easily transported by plane, train or motorcycle.

A port on the back of the cabinet can be opened or closed with a few simple steps. With the port open, the NANOCAB creates noticeably more bass for airy clean and crunch sounds. Closed, the NANOCAB delivers just the right punch for rock. Even at low volumes the sound is balanced and rich, making the NANOCAB the ideal cabinet for the living room.

The compact 1x12 FATCAB, meanwhile, comes surprisingly close to mimicking the sound characteristics of old 4x12 cabs. Small and medium sized stages are where FATCAB really shines. With only one speaker, its optimum working range is reached much faster, making the sound very lively and smooth. The Thiele bass reflex system and the extreme rigidity of the cabinet produce a well defined and dynamic bass response with a massive low-end even at low volumes - just like you would normally expect from a large 4x12".

The cab's dimensions also serve up an extra portion of lower mids. Even at high volumes, the speaker remains balanced and does not tend to boom. The BluGuitar BG12-F speaker with an extra-fat magnet stays controlled at all times and delivers a harmonious midrange and soft highs, which are made even silkier by the filter effect of the front cover with the thick Basket Weave.

Finally, the compact 2x12" TWINCAB is equally suitable for use with classic 100 watt tops, lunchbox amps and the BluGuitar AMP1 Mercury Edition or Iridium Edition thanks to its horizontal and vertical positioning and the rotating logo. The compact design and the low weight of less than 20 kg allow comfortable transport with only one hand.

The mono and stereo usable and with up to 150 watts loadable cabinet comes in a robust, lined protective cover. The TWINCAB is characterized by accurate basses, warm and full mids and soft highs with balanced dispersion characteristics: The closed construction with dual port, i.e. two bass reflex ports on the front side, gives the cabinet an extra portion of low end, and the Basket Weave provides silky highs.

The two types of placement allow two different sound characteristics with either more bass (horizontal orientation) or more midrange (vertical orientation). The BG-12 Special speaker, developed especially for the TWINCAB, was harmoniously matched to the stiffened birch multiplex housing.

Next up is the BluBox. Electric guitarists looking for the perfect way to mike up for live or for recording now have one of the simplest and most workable solutions available: the BluBOX VSC is a professional impulse-response speaker simulation in DI box form with a virtual collection of the best and most legendary speaker cabinets of all time. It is a first-class sounding sound solution for direct connection of any guitar amplifier to a PA or recording console.

Using state-of-the-art convolution technology, which, in contrast to analog technology, can accurately reproduce the acoustic complexity of loudspeakers and the tonal variety and uniqueness of different cabinets, Thomas Blug collected impulse responses with different microphones and microphone positions for selected loudspeaker cabinets and combined them in the form of 16 virtual cabinet models in a robust and practical housing.

The handling is easy and intuitive: Just choose your favorite speaker, optimize the sound character with the mic position control - done! The extremely low latency of less than one millisecond provides a real analog playing feel.

Whether on stage or in the studio - wherever sounds full of character are to be recorded at the highest level, the BluBOX™ VSC is an indispensable tool - no matter if you work with a speaker cabinet or not.

Finally, BluGuitar offers a number of accessories to expand your AMP1 setup. These range from the REMOTE1 MIDI controller to the LOOPER KIT (for complete control over external FX pedals) and the MIDI1 MIDI adapter. For complete information on all of these products, visit the BluGuitar website.

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