Baton Rouge Guitars stands for a new generation of high quality guitars at a fair price. The guitars and ukuleles score with their individual look and are adapted to the needs of a new generation of guitarists, whose playing technique has long since made new demands on the guitar.

At Baton Rouge, we firmly believe that musical education and the promotion of community are an important social mission. The support of young talents is therefore one of our top priorities. Ready for the Next Generation is an ode to the many young, talented musicians who are joining us on this journey, supporting us with their ideas and challenging us every single day to build the best possible guitar at the best possible price.

The Acoustic Guitar Playground: Tweak and try our products on the TonePedia Playground 

The 20s reloaded-Series

With "20s reloaded" we embody the spirit of the roaring 20s and combine it with our promise to build guitars and ukuleles of the next generation. We revive traditional body shapes and the typical look of the 1920s to the present day - combining the traditional with the modern. Check out the Series here

Everything but ordinary: The Strange Series

The Strange series is for guitar players who don't want to end up with mainstream instruments and who are bored by classic-looking guitars & ukes. With the Strange series you will definitely find instruments with a new interpretation in concept and design. Each instrument embodies an own note in a waywarded and ambitious way and underlines the individuality of a guitar player. Extraordinary woods and a brilliant workmanship make every Strange guitar instrument a special piece.

Simply modern: The Rouge Series

The models in the Rouge series are classy with charm and esprit. A simple design, selected woods and an outstanding workmanship make the instruments to be in keeping with the times. Rouge is for demanding musicians who are looking for advanced guitars or ukes with a remarkable sound, consistency, innovation and quality.

A funky budget: The Noir Series

The Noir series stands aloof from the high class Strange and Rouge series. Noir is a favorable alternative for newcomers, who are still trying out playing and don't need a high class instrument from the beginning. The Noir models are young, cheerful and offer a smart instrument for a lot of fun in the beginning.

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