The Combo Maximizer

Many guitarists try to control their own game better by obliquely or upsetting their guitar amplifier. For combo amplifiers, which are usually open at the back, the CoMaxx receives the sound and volume at the back and directs both forwards through the 4-fold chamber system. The sound, which is usually only reached at a higher volume, can now be generated at a low level.

In addition, the result is optimized sound yield and perfect monitoring.

The benefits:

For all open-back combos and single speakers
Tilt slant function
Sound bundling
Extended frequencies
Optimized dynamics
"tech-free" - wireless
Optimum sound yield - Monitoring
Resources Bundling
Better volume control
For studio, stage and auditorium
For guitarists of all styles
Multiplex wood bodywith carrying handle

The test result:

"A compact combo on the CoMaxx actually sounds more grown-up, more plastic and tighter at the same time. The powerless passive case is undoubtedly a true combo enhancer."

(Excerpt from: Gitarre & Bass - Issue 01/2020)

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