In the early 90s, the CORDIAL company first started out as a division of its former parent company Hermann Adam in Dachau. In 1995, CORDIAL was established as an independent legal entity, privately owned and managed, and could, therefore, celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2020.

We are supplying bulk and ready-made cables to music industry customers in connection with musical instruments, the pro-audio / event technology etc. Our product portfolio ranges from instrument, microphone and loudspeaker cables, analog multicore systems and adapters to DMX, MIDI and data cables.

Today, CORDIAL ranks among the most important German manufacturers in its segment. The core parameters that distinguish CORDIAL and initiated the company’s remarkable track record: an unfailingly high cable quality, a consistent product supply and a reliable and fast delivery capacity. All this combined with our proven trustworthiness regarding all aspects of customer relations guarantees that "Fairness" is not just an empty phrase, but CORDIAL’s established trade policy.

Instrument and especially guitar cables have always been CORDIAL’s special “hobbyhorse” and so we offer a wide variety of models from which you can choose (depending on the intended use, preferences and budget). We always have a sympathetic ear for musicians and are looking forward to being an active part of the Guitar Summit events again this year (online, of course, due to the special circumstances).  We wish you all tons of fun!

To obtain a general overview of our instrument cable portfolio please go here 

You would like to inform yourself about our products or simply talk about guitar cables?
The guitarist and longtime Cordial friend Steffen Brückner (Mrs. Greenbird, Gitarrenonkel) will be available for you as an expert in the chat - on November 28th as well as on November 29th, in the afternoon between 4 pm and 6 pm!

Visit our Cordial Guitar Summit Web Camp Workshop! There is a brand new workshop video from Christian Hermsdörfer (Beyond The Black)! The topic: Kemper Amp Meets Marshall - The cables make it possible!

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