A warm welcome to Guitar Summit 2020

!!! Mike Dawes and Andreas Cuntz presents the BRAND NEW updated CUNTZ GUITARS® CWG23 ´Mike Dawes` Model 2020 - exclusively at GUITAR SUMMIT WEB CAMP - see scheduled workshops and Live Stream !!!

All Details about the new MIKE DAWES Model after the live stream on our website at our NEWS

CUNTZ GUITARS® - Guitars made by master luthier Andreas Cuntz

Since 1995, I have been building my guitars exclusively by hand and from selected, exclusive materials in a wide variety of combinations with the highest quality workmanship. This is how each instrument becomes a unique specimen that meets the individual needs of the musician and in which traditional guitar building, design and innovation merge. The aim is to meet professional demands in sound, playability and workmanship. Volume, tone color, dynamics and balance are individually adapted to each instrument.

  • Steel-Strings
  • Weissenborn® Hawaiian Guitar Models
  • individual custom-made acoustic and electric guitars & basses

The proprietary CWG23 series combines innovative design, optimal functionality, and a dynamically balanced, full sound with traditional guitar building. The straight string run from the saddle to the machine heads ensures an even pressure load/vibration transfer to the saddle and optimizes tuning stability. Cutaway instruments are also equipped with a neck heel shaping that allows comfortable playing up to the highest registers. All CWG23 models have 22 playable frets (up to 36 frets on custom orders).

Players and friends of CUNTZ GUITARS are MIKE DAWES, PETTERI SARIOLA, MARTIN HARLEY, STEPH MACLEOD, ALEX AUER (Detroit Blackbirds, Xavier Naidoo), MANITH BERTZ (Teesy, Yvonne Catterfeld), and many more...

I'm also available for service and repairs, e.g. I'm GOLD certified 'Customer Service Center' for TAYLOR Guitars, and distributor for Schatten Design pickups in Germany. Individual advice included!

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