Yes! Don't look further.

You have just found your life's goal: a De Gier bass!

Ok, I got carried away here. But now that I have your attention, please read on :)

Sander de Gier has been making guitars and basses for about 25 years. His life took a turn when mr. Miller and mr. Bona ordered a bass. That was about 9 years ago. Thereafter basses became the major theme of De Gier.

De Gier stands for modern reinterpretations of classic instruments. It has become the choice of many professionals, who need classic sounds combined with modern playability and reliability. De Gier basses can be found in many parts of the world.

The current line of bass models include Bebop, Soulmate and Lowlander. These are respectively J,P and T style basses with many unique features, that make them stand out. However, a bass is not a list of specs. Sander's philosophy is to have a holistic goal for each bass. That means that model, dimensions, playability, sound, feel, color and overall looks should all have the same theme. Classic sound needs classic looks, a fast sound needs a fast neck, an old sound needs a relic finish, etc. You get the idea. That's the cool thing when you work one on one, builder to customer. We can discuss and nail down each detail to come to the bass that is perfect for YOU.

Check the instruments at the 'products' tab, or check the De Gier website for more information. Get in touch with Sander, he'd be happy to build your dream bass. You can also watch this interview with Sander by Gregor of Basstheworld.

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