Welcome to our online portfolio for the Guitar Summit Webcamp 2020!  Should you have any questions, or you just want to chat around for a bit, please feel free to contact us! We're standby in the live chat, but you can also can send us an email, whats'app or DM on our social media channels. We can help you in DUTCH, ENGLISH and GERMAN! We hope you'll enjoy the show as much as we do.
Have fun!

Dejawu Guitars is a Dutch small-scale two-family business consisting of Wu Dongming and Derk Jan Lievers (+family). It’s a cooperation between two friends who are passionate about guitar building and share their skills and knowledge.

"We build high-quality, hand carved, semi-acoustic guitars and arch top guitars using exclusively solid tone woods, traditional construction methods and the best available hardware. We build exceptional guitars that exceed the expectations and demands of serious musicians who value genuine craftsmanship and seek to own a truly unique instrument. Each Dejawu Guitar is individually made, completely built to your personal wishes."

The tops, backs and necks of our guitars are completely hand carved from solid tone woods. The wood is not laminated into shape (as you can only carve solid wood). We very much prefer the tonal qualities of solid wood over laminated wood. The construction of our semi-acoustic guitars - all of which are equipped with a square center block at the bridge position - eliminates all possible feedback problems entirely while maintaining its acoustic properties. The center of the top maintains its original thickness, while the rest of the wood is carefully carved away by hand. In this way, there is no tension on the top and therefore has no tendency to bend and/or deform over time. This method eliminates the need for a center block that covers the entire body length of the guitar needed for stability and to avoid feedback.
In addition, the structure and shine of lacquered solid wood is much more evident. Therefore, each guitar we build has a completely unique look. The hand polished nitro-cellulose lacquer highlights the individual character of the grain, while maintaining the sound characteristics of the wood.


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