Eyestone-guitars are finest handmade acoustic guitars in unique designs, built by the professional industrial designer and self-taught luthier Leonhard Augenstein.

The one-of-a-kind guitars are made one at the time, either built to order or free for offer. Thereto Leonhard Augenstein: “I play acoustic guitars since my early youth and started building guitars in 1996. It was my desire from the very beginning of this adventure to build my own designed guitars and create something special and unique in shape, details and tone for myself and other guitar players. This took me to the development of the eyestone A-model and the eyestone B-model. Through further development and optimizing of these models and my own skills and know-how, bringing new ideas to real results I am building now guitars that are appreciated and sought after by both, collectors and guitar players. During my career as a self-taught luthier I received great support and motivation from world-famous luthiers like Trevor Gore from Australia and Nigel Foster from England. For my guitar building I only use the best available materials and timber. All the used woods of course conform to the CITES regulations. Even more important for me than the used timber and material is the sound of my guitars which can be described as full, strong, assertive and balanced. Over the years, more guitar models became part of my model range so that today I am building five different models as there are: the eyestone A-Model, the eyestone B-model, the T-Model, a modified Dreadnought and a parlor-sized one. Here you can see a small selection.

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