Fehse® Guitars is a manufacturer of high quality aluminum guitars. Made with passion for musicians.

Why aluminum? For your unique tone and long sustain! The transmission of vibrations is exceptionally pure with aluminum. Due to the many great properties of this light metal, the instrument responds immediately and resonates long and evenly. This makes our guitars a very dynamic companion. We have always gone ahead with the goal of offering guitarists an instrument that perfectly expresses their individual guitar playing. Long sustain, quick attack and first-class quality - Fehse®.


Our first - and currently only - model is the Aviator. An electric single-cut guitar with classic setups. Three single coils with 5-way switch, two humbuckers or two P90s with a three-way toggle each. It ends with the classic features. When you look at our instruments, one thing is immediately noticeable: there is a lack of wood. But is it really missing? Of course we don't deny the importance of wood. After all, we learned to love guitars and at that time only knew them from wood. And yet you should also venture into unconventional paths in search of new sounds. We dared and the result was the Aviator.

Let's start with the body: For this purpose, aluminum can only be combined with a hollow body construction. The body is hollow and consists of a frame. The front and back are inserted and fixed in this frame by magnets. These can also be exchanged. Why should you do that? One or the other may at some point find that instead of the three single coils, for example, you would like two single coils and a humbucker in an HSS arrangement. Instead of irretrievably perforating the cherished instrument with milling work, you get a perfectly fitting replacement panel with the desired setup. This can be exchanged with approx. 15 minutes of work and there is no chip. And therefore not a single tear. We offer the usual setups as standard. Of course, we are also happy to fulfill special requests with other pickup combinations such as HSS, HSH, and many more.

The bridge is also designed by us with the possibility of converting it to a vibrato system. This is currently in the prototype phase and will soon see the light of day. Of course, no milling work is necessary here either. Be curious!

The neck is also made entirely of aluminum and is hollow on the inside. Thanks to a lamellar structure, it is stable enough not to need a truss rod. The structure ensures a perfect neck curve simply by the tension of the strings. The frets are made of stainless steel and the inlays are made of brass, which can also be found on the nut. This is made of aluminum and has an integrated brass hold-down device to ensure good sliding behavior when tuning.

We have given a lot of thought so far and many will follow. So that all of this arrives safely in your hands, our instruments are delivered in a - how else could it be - handcrafted aluminum case.

We look forward to your questions, ideas and suggestions. Write to us and don't hold back ;-)


Hi, I'm Marcel Fehse! I am glad you stopped by. I only started playing the guitar at the age of 16 when I discovered my interest in music. I quickly found myself in a completely new world and was impressed by the legendary guitarists with their unique sounds and individual music styles. While listening and looking at these musicians, one thing captivated me in particular: It seemed as if every guitarist had his own story to tell, which was clearly expressed through the instrument. I also began my training as a metalworker at the age of 16. I was taught how to manufacture unique metal components and I found my fulfilment in creating high quality products by working with metal. With Fehse Guitars I saw the opportunity to combine two things that I am passionate about and with which I can make my own contribution to music. So I tell my own story, not as a musician, but as someone who enjoys what he does.


Marcel Fehse

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