Fuchs Audio Technology

For over twenty years, Fuchs Audio Technology has been offering first-class boutique tube amplifiers. Over the years Andy Fuchs and his team have earned an excellent reputation among the stars of the guitar player scene. Stage professionals and studio musicians swear by the sound, versatility and reliability of these fantastic amps. Whether clean or distorted, single coil or humbucker - the Fuchs amps deliver sound and dynamics like no other. All Fuchs products are handmade in the USA, with all components selected for sound and reliability.

Andy's career is well known. From a small workshop in the basement of his father's music store, to working in the famous "Music Row", 48th Street in Manhattan, to companies all over NYC, Andy has repaired and serviced equipment for many artists around the world. Since his first gig at the age of 17, he has traveled as a professional musician and has started building and modifying his own guitars and amplifiers. The business grew rapidly and soon had to move to a larger premises. Today Fuchs Audio Technology is located in a 1920s factory building in Clifton, New Jersey, with a large showroom and workshop. Andy's responsibilities today include new product development, quality control, supervision of service and installation, technical support and artist relations.

As a european distributor, Audiowerk does not only represent the first-class Fuchs all-tube boutique amplifiers and cabinets, but also offers support in the form of workshops and presentations, first-class fast service as well as our know-how and our friendship to Fuchs Audio Technology.


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