Living for Guitars "Striving for perfection is a fundamental attitude, the search for the perfect instrument is a lifelong journey. What is created along the way has a quality and soul that cannot be found in any factory.” - Dipl.-Des. Oliver Baron, born 1976, passionate guitarmaker

No assembly line, no rush, no compromise. For almost 20 years, Oliver Baron has been building some of the finest electric guitars. Purely by hand. From buying the wood to the final setup, the entire creation process remains in one hand. With dedication and perfectionism for each individual instrument, around 15 individual guitars are created each year.

Cultivating what's good. Optimizing everything else. Each Helliver Guitar is built with an understanding of traditional craftsmanship, with no false reverence for big names. The "look and feel" of old instruments paired with perfection in workmanship and playability. Guitars that stand for themselves.

Less is more. Sound is everything. The reduction to the essentials creates space for inner values. For personality. For real exceptional instruments. Sound and functionality have top priority, regardless of the zeitgeist, tradition or fashion. Only on these fundamentals a new, timeless value can arise:
The instrument for life.

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