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J. Rockett Audio Designs


Who are we?

J.Rockett Audio Designs was formed by Chris Van Tassel and Jay Rockett in 2006 with the dream of creating the best guitar effects for players around the world. Both Jay and Chris had been long time session musicians with many years of experience in the recording industry. After years of dissatisfaction with some of the available products on the market both Chris and Jay decided to try and create products that satisfied their particular needs for tone. Many top session players were consulted in their designs to create the current line of products and the results have taken the world by storm.

Chris van Tassel (Co-founder, J.Rockett Pedals)

Hand built in the United States J Rockett Audio Design covers every aspect of shaping your tone from overdrives and distortions to delays, modulation, fuzzes and even buffers. Besides the sonic qualities we also ensure a top notch building quality of our enclosures, which are custom made powder coated steel housings. J Rockett is and will always a be a player designed and inspired company with a passion for the touring and player community.

Archer and Archer Ikon - world famous, milestone products of J.Rockett

Building a Rocket (Guitar Summit Workshop)

The guys from J. Rockett give you an entertaining insight into the manufacturing process of their popular pedals, such as the "Archer". Anyone who has ever held a Rockett pedal in their hands knows about the striking quality and sturdiness that characterize this brand. The weight of the housing alone and the feel of the controls immediately exude enormous value and a great feeling - even before the first note has been played! Rockett Pedals - Made in California, USA.

Watch Workshop

***WIN a Rockett Pedal***

As part of the Guitar Summit Web Camp weekend (November 28th to November 29th), FACE is giving away a Rockett pedal to a lucky winner! Just click on the link below to find out more and to participate directly.

Best of Luck! :)

Guitar Summit Special

Interested in a Rockett Pedal? Timing couldn't be better!
In cooperation with Musik Produktiv, J. Rockett and FACE are offering a "Guitar Summit Special" (November 28th to November 29th) - just click on the link below to find out more...


FACE is the exclusive EU-partner of J.Rockett

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