My name is Jozsi Lak and I was born on 5.7.1979 in former Yugoslavia. In 1991 at the age of 12 I came to Germany with my family.


After an apprenticeship as a carpenter I learned my current trade with Magnus Krempel and about half a year after my apprenticeship endet I became self-employed and opened a small workshop in Waldbrunn-Lahr. I gad was planned to stay there for 2-3 years, because the workshop was very small and at some point I had a lot to clear out, just because of the lack of space.


In the end I ended up staying there for 10 years, but August 2017 I moved into my new workshop in Weilburg-Kubach. One customer once said to me: "Nothing lasts as long as a temporary solution! ;)


My great-grandfather and my grandfather also built instruments, they built pretty much every instrument that can be found in Hungarian folk music. From my grandfather I inherited a Hungarian zither and a mandolin. The passion for building instruments skipped a generation (my father was an athlete), but finally also I discovered my love towards instrument building and music.


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