With my label JR Instruments I have specialized in custom instruments and components for guitar builders. The linchpin of my offer is computer-aided milling.

Custom-Instruments from the construction kit

That way I can build guitars and basses without much effort and in every detail according to your wishes, as long as you can get involved with one of the basic shapes. So far, the body shapes Tele, LP Special and my own bass body shape are available. Of course there is nothing to be said against combining the bass body with a guitar neck, for example. Scale, pickups, pickup position and the like are freely selectable. A bass with an extra-long scale length is just as possible as a baritone or sopranino guitar - whatever that may look like. For my instruments I prefer to use local woods, preferably locally grown. In other words: If an interesting tree is felled in my home town, it usually ends up in my lumberyard.

CNC service for guitar builders

Also with the help of the milling machine I produce guitar parts, which I make for professional guitar builders and hobbyists. These are especially fretboards with different radii and scales or archtop tops - also from your own wood. Everything that is only annoying diligence you can confidently leave to the machines in order to concentrate on your core competence, namely to make the instruments a haptic and tonal experience.

Picks from precious wood

Rather by chance my custom picks were created - and yet they are much more than a by-product. Precious woods such as Purple Heart, Rosewood or Ebony are pre-milled and lovingly hand-sculpted and polished until they produce a soft, modulatable and overtone-rich sound, which is especially appreciated by Jazz and Manouche-guitarists.

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