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Dear guitarists,

the radiance of a guitar is unmistakable compared to other instruments. It is the epitome of boundless musical creativity, dominated and shaped decades and is representative for the success of Rock, Blues & Co. Its popularity still brings people to the fret board regardless of gender, age and social standing.
But for many people the guitar is also one of the most loyal companions in their lives. No wonder that the first guitar carries the label "not for sale".
It is rare that it remains with a guitar over the years: Too great is the passion to discover new styles, too small the similarities of different guitar models, tiny the concerns about missing possibilities of use.
We at König & Meyer know about the special relationship between you and your guitar(s). Therefore we have made it our business to design guitar stands for every type of guitarist, for every application and for every guitar. Safety, design and functionality: these are the demands we make on ourselves when we develop new guitar stands.
Please visit our website or contact us via the chat form and find your safe support for your guitar(s).

About us

Established over 70 years ago in the music branch, our company stands for sophisticated equipment with excellent quality. Our products are distinguished by innovative design, functionality and durability. As one of the world's leading providers of music stands, microphone and instrument stands, speaker stands, seats and accessories for lighting, sound and studio technology, we constantly are challenged to develop innovative solutions for our customers’ needs and wishes. About 300 employees in Wertheim, Germany work together to fulfill this promise constantly. In accordance with our quality standards, almost all metal and plastic items are manufactured in in-house production. Over 1,500 stands and brackets are produced in our two plants in Germany and sold in 80 countries worldwide. Many of our products have already become classics as well as standards in the music industry.
Numerous patents and international trademark rights substantiate König & Meyer’s innovative spirit. The proverbial durability of our products also supports environmental considerations.
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