Since 1986 we have been building Lakewood guitars in Gießen, not far from Frankfurt/Main. A lot of knowledge about the professional and artistic production of guitars has been gathered in our company. Traditions mean a lot to us when they prove themselves in the reality of everyday work. New technologies are an incentive and challenge to create an instrument as complex as an acoustic guitar with the highest precision. We are all driven by the impatience to build a musical instrument whose sound, aesthetics and texture meet the highest standards. To achieve this, we take care of the smallest detail of our guitars and are proud to be part of the history of musical instruments here in Germany.

A lot has happened since the first years. The more than 30,000 guitars that have now been built can tell stories and have accompanied many people in their lives. This story is an obligation for all of us at Lakewood. A Lakewood means a piece of happiness.

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