Guitarists love it, the dignified, aged, rustic look of an authentic guitar, marked by stage experience. A guitar that tells a story when the first note is played - your story.

It is sound above all that convinces when experienced musicians take an instrument from Maybach Guitars into their hands. In the studio, at a jam session or on an open air stage - Maybach Guitars offer the right tool for every project.

Maybach Guitars produces nine different designs to suit your individual and personal taste in Europe. From the purist classic, the light Teleman, the singing Lester in LP-Style, to airy semi-hollow electric guitars and virtuosos in JM-Style and the uncompromising Convair, Maybach Guitars' electric guitars come in many shapes. The instruments in the sleek SG-Style as well as the proven ST-Style model series complete the Maybach family.

Plucked or struck with a plectrum, shouldered while standing for a club concert, on your leg during a recording session in your home studio - ergonomics are essential for every guitarist. The Lester Series, for example, provides you with long sustain, while its sound chambers let you and your back stand the longest live set. Your new Maybach guitar will also fit your hands, as you can choose between a solid fat neck and a thinner slim taper neck.

The design of the handmade, modern classics from Maybach combines the primary components of electric guitars in harmony: high-quality woods, high-end workmanship, tuning stable machine heads and authentic pickups. For your eyes, hands and last but not least: for your ears.

The manufacturing process of Maybach Guitars emphasises the sound characteristics of the sustainably selected woods and spoils you with highlights of instrument craftsmanship from the past decades.

The aging process of Maybach instruments in combination with the open nitrocellulose lacquer gives you a full, lively and authentic sound.

Visually Maybach Guitars offer attractive and aesthetic looks in variations of a natural wood look, an attractive Sunburst and an extravagant glitter finish.

Of course you have the choice to have your individual Maybach Guitar manufactured in the New Look.

The constant communication between musicians and the entire Maybach Guitars network has been resonating in every handmade instrument for more than 35 years. As diverse as the genres of guitar music are, your personal Maybach guitar will sound just as individual.


Optics, feel and sound form a unique harmony with your personal playing style.

You've got the tunes for your story - the only thing missing is your matching Maybach.


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