I started as professional bass and guitar builder/repairer in 1989 and I work from my home workshop near Brussels, Belgium.

At 16, when studying electronics in school, I was inspired by a Donald Brosnac book and began experimenting by building some of my own very basic guitars, using wathever tools I could find in my father’s metal workshop. For me this opened up an exiting new world of guitar playing and the guitar making technique around it.

Around this time, I started to play in bands and bought a few major brand guitars and basses. Never really satisfied with them, I started customizing my own gear. This evolved into an obsession and finally into a profession.

These days my designs are based on traditional styles. I try to mix them in a way that makes them look a bit different but feel like something that players are used to. Playability, ergonomics, sound and looks are very important to me.

Years of playing, tweaking, repairing and building basses and guitars for a variety of customers have given me a good idea what to incorporate into my designs. Creating an instrument that becomes a player’s musical voice is what it's all about .

Every one of my instruments is a carefully crafted, reliable tool for musical creativity!

Paul Belgrado


PBSI  Basses  Prices  2020/2021  ( 21% Vat included )

All instruments have the same quality materials , hardware and electronics .

A good quality Hard-shell case or gig bag is included in the price .

The price depends on the options requested by the customer.

4 string models ( Short , medium , long scale )

Base model : 1 pickup / Satin - Matte finish ( soft touch ) in color or stain  = 2200 Euro

Base model : 2 pickup / Satin - Matte finish ( soft touch ) in color or stain  = 2320 Euro

Clean High gloss finish in any solid or metallic color                       +  140 Euro

Aged hybrid Nitro finish in any solid or metallic color                     +  160 Euro

Transparent stained colors - bursts                                                       +  160 Euro

Sparkle Clean High gloss or Aged Hybrid Nitro                                  +  200 Euro

Block inlays                                                                                                  +  120 Euro

Neck binding                                                                                                +    80 Euro

Matching Headstock finish                                                                       +    50 Euro

Body binding  1 color or style finish                                                        +   150 Euro

Body binding   2 colors or style finish                                                     +   210 Euro

5 String models                                                                                            +   120 Euro

Many custom choices or options are already possible in the base price .

Please ask for further possibilities , I’m open to creative challenges !

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