Perfect harmony of Playability, Tone & Unique looks

The key principles behind every instrument that goes through the hands of luthier Mika “Raato” Ruotsalainen.

His passion for music as a guitarist, bassist and gear addict led him on the quest for the ultimate instrument. After years of studying, designing, crafting and developing ideas further he reached the point that it was time to turn his passion into full-time joy.

Raato Custom Guitars was founded in 2017 and is located in Espoo, Finland.


What do we do?

We manufacture Electric Guitars & Basses - All of the models are available as Standard & Multiscale versions.

We also offer Lichtenberg Wood Burning finish as a custom option. This is for you who are looking for one-of-a-kind finish to your instrument.

All Raato instruments are Built-to-measure. You as a player define all the key factors which needs to be considered in the design phase. Everything from Your Playing style, Reach & Size of hand, What kind of music you play as well as your Personal preferences.

These are the topics that will be covered in 1-to-1 discussion when we are in the design phase of your instrument.

We can also build instrument based on your Own Sketch or Drawing



Starting at prices are as follows:

    • Electric Guitars - 2,590€

    • Bass Guitars - 2,690€

    • Multiscales   +300€

Hardcase & Shipping within EU - 150€


Check PRODUCTS -page here to understand starting at prices for Raato Guitar & Bass models

Visit my website - Prices of already built instruments can be found here.


Reviews & Comments from Raato Players

Want to hear what Raato Artists and Customers are saying about their instruments?

Please visit Raato Artists -webpage to read more.

On this site you can find Raato Endorsement Artists as well as Raato Player Family members and their comments.


"There’s a large segment of the boutique guitar market that is filled with ”updated Strats” and ”expanded Les Pauls”. Those may be great instruments for the traditionally-minded guitarist, but many players would like to leave the beaten path.


This is where companies like Raato Custom Guitars come in, offering first-rate quality and plenty of custom options for the guitarist who needs the ultimate modern electric guitar.

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I am also available for Online meetings - Just contact me via Chat -tool and we can swiftly open up either Skype or Whatsapp video or phone call.

1-to-1 Online meetings (Skype / Whatsapp)

Language: English & Finnish



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