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About Ramp

Ramp designs and produces handcrafted electric guitars in Germany. Each guitar is custom made with great care on customer request. Our guitar models are characterized by unique design and excellent playing comfort. To build the perfect instrument, we set the highest standards in terms of quality, workmanship and component selection.



Every guitarist is individual. That's why we build guitars that are tailored to your needs. Before we do so, we will discuss the specifications with you. In addition we offer selected tonewood, different neck and fingerboard profiles as well as decorative elements, an extensive color palette, coordinated electronics and much more.



Our passion for handcrafted precision with exceptional quality and attention to detail is the basis for all Ramp guitars. Our guitars are created precisely according to this philosophy, which are shaped with a lot of experience and craftsmanship according to precise design specifications.


It's your choice

Building on the basic equipment the Ramp guitars will made according to customer's request. Because many configuration options are already included in the base price, we leave it to you to create your own perfect instrument. The selection is diverse: Starting with the timber, profile neck and fingerboard, and headstock shape up to colors and pickups, almost everything is possible to customize your Ramp guitar. Additional equipment options such as exotic woods, finishes, decorations, etc. are made at an additional cost. The only limitation: The shapes of the guitars can not be changed.



Stephan Zahm, Design & CEO
As a guitar lover, it excites me not only the playing, but also the musical history and the great artists. What fascinates me are the design and technical development. In my view, a guitar must not only be individual and expressive, but also the way in which it plays is crucial. All of this has inspired me to develop my own instruments. Many months of development time, with countless sketches and plans were needed to create this "Ladies".
Stefan Meigel, Luthier
Our passion for handmade precision with exceptional quality and attention to detail is the basis for all Ramp guitars. Exactly this philosophy follows our master luthier Stefan Meigel who produces every guitar by hand. With his considerable experience and craftsmanship, each guitar is shaped to precise design specifications.


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Ramp guitar prices (pdf)

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