Since personal encounters are currently impossible, we would like to bring a little joy and light to these dark times with our "Lockdown Antidote Offers".
Available until November 30th they will hopefully contribute to lighten the mood!


Michael Spalt's career as luthier now spans more than 20 years and over 600 instruments. Never one to be confined to only one style, he builds a wide variety of guitars and basses, each one handmade and unique in its design. Be it a Totemguitar decorated with his signature style collage art or a metal-body hybrid, they all guarantee superb playability and tonal qualities. His work is proof that aesthetics and function can coexist successfully, providing inspiration and joy to the player as well as to the beholder.

Michael's belief that authenticity is crucial for human beings is at the core of his work with the Totemguitars. A lot of what he uses are found objects, old materials, from the workshop floor, the street outside, flea markets, flotsam from the beach. To him things that have been discarded, that have a history, are much more interesting and valuable than new things which still have to acquire depth and spirit, which are still “flat". These old things may have been thrown away, considered to have lost their value and function, but they have acquired an identity during their journey. They have “lived”. That "life" is authentic. That is what Michael looks for when he searches them out. Over the past few years Michael has also created several large installation pieces putting his guitars at the center of making art playable.

The Spalt Instruments Hybrids take a different path. These instruments embody Michael’s sculptural approach to guitar/bass building and they are stripped-down to the ergonomic essentials. Hybrids employ an aluminum skeletal structure with wooden wings and wood necks, which dial in the tonal color and are comfortable to play. The aluminum core imparts a warm tone and clarity to the sound. All metal and wood work is done by hand and as with all of Michael’s instruments, each guitar or bass is built on order to the customer’s specifications.


We are all currently undergoing various forms of being locked down. Many of our friends and customers are suffering due to the cancellations of concerts, shows and events. While we cannot connect with any of you in person, we want to hopefully brighten these dark times a bit for some of you with our 'Lockdown Antidote Offers’ available until November 30!

We happy to show you some of Michael’s work this weekend and welcome you to contact us via Email, social media, or chat!

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