Who are we?

Man, there are a lot of pedals out there. Why are we any different? Why are we any good? What’s the why?

I'll start here - We hear a lot of charming sounds featured on albums a lot of us are listening to. From Dawes to Sigur Ros, from Sting to Mastodon, from Bonnie Raitt to Kendrick Lamar, and from Flying Burrito Brothers to Harry Styles, we are constantly listening to you play music. We are moved by songs, riffs, solos, melodies, lyrics and album art that come from your creativity and hard work. We’re moved by what moves you. That directly correlates to the development of a sound, a box, a pedal.

It is our goal to make guitar effects that are as interesting to play as they are to look at. So that’s what we are going to do.

Colt W. (President Walrus)

What started with a few guys in a small, almost closet sized office in Norman Oklahoma in 2011, has moved to Oklahoma City and grown to almost 20 employees that absolutely love what they do. And now we have a big enough office to actually have a closet.

walrus team

SANTA FE Edition - 2020 Black Weekend Special (strictly limited!)

To celebrate Black Friday, Black Weekend, Cyber Monday...and of course "Guitar Summit Web Camp" we've come up with a strictly limited, special edition for 10 of our most successful models (e.g. SLÖ, JULIANNA, ARP-87, JULIA, LILLIAN).
Get yours here...before it's too late:


2020 Black Week Special

The Story Behind Julianna? (Guitar Summit Workshop)

If you like to find out: check our "Workshops" section or the general schedule (workshop / livestream) here at Guitar Summit Web Camp.
Julianna? Why? How? Colt and Jason will certainly answer this.


***WIN a Walrus Audio Pedal***

Hit the link below to enter our "virtual tombola action". Your chance to win a Walrus pedal of your choice on Guitar Summit Web Camp.

Best of Luck! :)

Guitar Summit Special

Interested? Great timing!
Have a look at our Walrus Audio "Black Weekend / Guitar Summit Special", powered by Musik-Produktiv & FACE


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