C-14 Edition 2021


Sometimes it is the little things that cause the greatest joy. The C-14 Edition 2021 is an example of the fact that size is not essential and that other values determine recognition and enthusiasm. The instrument is built almost entirely of mahogany and presents a warm and voluminous sound that would do credit to many great guitars. Close your eyes and listen to this guitar. When you open them again, you are simply fascinated by what you see. You immediately take this small and highly elegant guitar into your heart. The varnish brings out the wood with a "Tobacco" color tone wonderfully. The C-14 Edition 2021 is a faithful companion, no matter whether you are sitting on the sofa in the evening, traveling or allowing this little "wonder" to take the big stage. The built-in L.R.Baggs Anthem SL Pickup System will reliably help you.

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