CLASSICO- Olive concert guitar


CLASSICO concert guitar in traditional Spanish construction, based on our own design. The woods used for the back and sides are unusual and most people probably know it from salad servers or cutting boards. Otherwise, wind instruments (recorders) are often
made of olive. The olive tree grows mainly in the Mediterranean area, Italy, Greece, Spain and parts of North Africa. It is one of the oldest trees in the world and can reach an age of up to 2000 years. So that olive wood does not crack, it has to dry very slowly and store it for a long time (8-10 years) before it can be used for making instruments. In any case, only certain parts of these trees are interesting and useful for guitar making, which in turn is a reason for the rarity in instrument making. The wood is similar in hardness and density to some types of rosewood. In terms of sound, I would describe it as rather warm, soft, full and round. Since the back is doubled with spruce, it contributes to the overall concept of the guitar. The resulting increased rigidity is intended to reduce energy loss from the vibrating strings and thus mainly the spruce top acts as a sound generator. The inside of the body is completely sealed with a layer of shellac, which reduces the swelling and shrinking behavior of the wood. It also makes the instrument less susceptible to climatic fluctuations. The fingerboard and bridge are made from the same piece of rosewood and from an old inventory (1960s) of a deceased violin and viol maker from Bubenreuth.

The Brazilian guitarist Rainer Mafra plays the model on his YouTube channel: CLASSICO-Kingwood with a cedar top.


Model: Classico Olive

Type: classical guitar

Origin: Germany

Body: solid olive wood, back doubled with spruce

Top: Alpine spruce

Binding: plum underlaid with 3-part decorative shavings

Bracing: Subject performance inspired by Daniel Friedrich

Neck: Alder, interlocked with plum and maple-plum-maple between veneers

Headstock: olive backed on both sides with maple-plum-maple veneer and elaborate collar

Soundhole ring: olive wood with decorative stripes

Fingerboard: East Indian Rosewood Frets: 20

Mechanics: Gotho

Bridge: East Indian rosewood, with adjustable lower saddle string rest Saddle / bridge pads: bone

String length: 650 mm, 4/4

Neck width: upper saddle 52mm, 12th fret 62 mm

Finish: shellac polish

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