CNC milling service for guitar makers


CNC milling service for guitar makers

Some time ago I started a trial balloon and offered fingerboards in special dimensions. The market response was amazing. Not only fingerboards in various scales were requested, but also other guitar parts like bridges and even complete archtop tops. Among my customers are first and foremost professional guitar builders, but also many musicians who make instruments in their spare time.

CNC Advantages

The advantages of CNC prefabrication are impressive: speed and precision. Why should the luthier exhaust himself in work that a machine can do faster and more precise? For example, removing a lot of wood from a spruce board for an arched top? Sanding a compound radius on a fretboard blank? Sawing fret slots for fan frets?

Concentrating on the essentials

This allows the luthier to concentrate on what makes the difference on the instrument: between "it feels quite good" or "I have been looking for this all my life", between "it doesn't sound bad" and "Woah ...". It is only the last fraction of an inch of the neck profile or of the soundboard curvature that make the difference. The machine is there for everything else.


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