CoMaxx Pro


The second development - the CoMaxx® Pro - is based on the CoMaxx® 1, but uses a lightweight metal housing material and therefore he has a lower weight. The optimization of the sound behavior is available as well as with the CoMaxx® 1.

The CoMaxx* PRO has just been finished – just in time for the presentation at this year's "Guitar Summit".

This further development was due to the very good reviews of the testing guitarists of different styles and their recommendations. The Comaxx® Pro does not replace the CoMaxx® 1 in any way – it complements it as an upgrade made of the material light metal.

The CoMaxx® Pro weighs 6.4 kg and its mass are: height: 48 cm, depth: 39 cm, width bottom: 55.5 cm and width top: 48.2 cm.

Price: € 396,00

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