Our "METAL-SILENT" line is basically the continuation of the highly acclaimed CORDIAL highlight CSI PP-Metal cables: they are equipped with the patented SILENT Plugs made by NEUTRIK®, which are very popular with guitarists and bass players. We offer the versions CSI PP Metal-SILENT (featuring a straight SILENT plug) and CSI RP-METAL-SILENT (with a right-angled SILENT plug).

Special features:

  • a ring on the connector neck of the SILENT plug interrupts the signal at exactly that moment that triggers the typical humming noise. The SILENT Plug is to be used exclusively on the instrument side of the connection*
  • a large-area conductor insulation (conductive plastic coating) in the cable itself
  • very low capacitive values ensuring an unaffected and pure sound
  • high purity material for all copper components
  • a particularly high number of 42 inner conductor strands resulting in extremely low resistance values and – at the same time – an exceptionally high flexibility
  • a semi-transparent and robust PVC outer jacket
  • a solid, heavy-duty NEUTRIK® NP2x connector with gold-plated contact areas and a distinctive copper-colored coating at the other end of the cable

*Please bear in mind: do not plug the SILENT plug into the amplifier output / will not work if the jack plugs activate the guitar’s power supply.

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