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Guitar shows are all about trying gear and we are here for you to do exactly that interactively!
Each player is full of real recordings put together in a way to behave like the real thing.

We invite you to try out and play around with the gear on the TonePedia Playgrounds.
Scroll down to view the different players, each dedicated to a specific product group. 

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Join our workshops and giveaways:

Workshop 1: "TonePedia meets B&G Guitars: Crossroads vs. Private Build (+Win a B&G Guitar!)"

Workshop 2: "TonePedia meets Brett Kingman: The Story of the Carl Martin Plexi Ranger (+Win the pedal!)"

Workshop 3: "TonePedia meets Jensen: Busting Myths with Jensen Speakers (+Win a guitar speaker!)"
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The Electric Guitar Playground

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Using the same playing styles played by world class session musicians you can compare 6, 7 & 8 string guitars into a variety of amplifiers and DSP plugins. Hit that play button and explore your tone nirvana. 



The Pedal Effect Playground

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With thousands of tones on many of the pedals, here you can experience how the pedals truly react to different guitars, amps and playing styles. Much more gear awaits behind the "add gear +” buttons



The Acoustic Guitar Playground

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Experience Acoustic guitars played with a variety of strumming & fingerstyle techniques. From singer songwriters to Classical musicians we've got you covered.



The Speaker Playground

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Where else in the world can you experience 24 professional guitars speakers back to back through two guitars & two amps?



The Amplifier Playground

New to TonePedia, our growing collection of amplifiers is yours to explore.



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Carl Martin PlexiRangerB&G CrossroadsJensen Blackbird Speaker


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