The ”Nibelungensaga” is an epic poem in Middle High German which has been narrated for centuries. The story tells of dragon-slayer Siegfried, who killed the evil lindworm FAFNER in a dramatic fight.  Now it`s time for a rebirth!  None other than master Siegfried Braun is designated to bring it to life again.

Now the time has come for FAFNYR, the ultimate multi-scale guitar axe.

  • Uncompromising!

  • Unique design meets perfect ergonomics.

  • Best quality parts as been combined in a unique way, solely providing unbridled power.

Made by skilled hands in the renowned German Siggi Braun – Custom Shop.

Every FAFNYR is a one of a kind guitar because of its epic and individual Dragon Skin finish. Several options are offered so you can create your personal Fafnyr, in order to let it scream just the way you desire.

The FAFNYR multi-scale guitar axe is available in:
A breathtaking Custom Version, of course comprising our genius CNS neck joint system,
In a "reduced to the max" Flat Top edition, which enables the Fafnyr's scream for a small budget.

Fafnyr is back to scream again!  Are you ready?



Model: Fafnyr FF Custom
Multiscale 25,5 – 26,8” (6 to 8- string)
CNS-neckjoint bolt-on
Body: Corina, selected
Top: Popplar Burl, handcarved
Neck: Hardmaple Kambala (striped)
Fingerboard: Pao Ferro, Radius: 12- 16”
Frets: 12/12 mixed, Sidedots 2mm white
Hardware: Colour Black, Sperzel Locking Tuner, Dome Speed Knobs
Bridge: Siggi Braun FF-6/7/8
Electronics: Master volume, 3-Way Maxi – Toggle, Crossjack

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