Frank DiesveldFrank Diesveld

Hier könnt ihr euch rund um das Thema Bässe unterhalten. Seid nett zueinander 😉

Here you can talk about basses. Be nice to each other 😉

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Bernd BaadeBernd Baade answered 5 months ago

@Gregor Fris: Could you please repeat the name of the “bass talk box” you presented in your contribution? I can already hear it over my head: our guitarist and i, both with dedicated talk boxes in one common solo :-)))

Stefan BraunschmidtStefan Braunschmidt Host replied 5 months ago

in the bass forum, there is a dedicated thread for each workshop. Better ask him there 🙂

Bernd BaadeBernd Baade replied 5 months ago

thx, but it wasn’t a workshop but in TV – is there a dedicated thread for it as well? I can’t find it…

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