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Brett Kingman joins TonePedia to discuss the inception of the Plexi Ranger. Brett drops the news of another new pedal, not to be missed!!! Our resident pedal nerd Lee also chats about treble boosters and the brown sound with Brett. Win a Plexi Ranger at the end of this workshop!

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TonePedia GmbH Stefan DreyerTonePedia GmbH Host answered 5 months ago

How you can win a Plexi Ranger Pedal in this workshop:
Due to technical issues we cannot present the mystery test. Instead to enter the competition simply answer this question:

What pedals are the two sides of the PlexiRanger based on?
Please write your answer to We are prolonging the deadline and taking answers as long as this workshop video is online at the Guitar Summit Web Camp.
The winner will be announced on our social media, so follow us on and

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