Having crafted more than a thousand hand-made instruments, we thought it’s time to raise the bar, and use our luthiery expertise to create a new breed of guitars, one that will challenge our craft and take it to its peak. The goal was set on making an instrument that remains faithful to the classic vintage manner, can accommodate the most demanding modern player, and resonate like a violin. The semi-hollow African mahogany body is canvassed by the figured top & back that are sculpted to perfection from solid blocks of carefully aged maple. Though the carving process is far more complex and delicate than the common lamination technique, for superior resonance in hollow-body instruments (just like in a traditional violin) solid woods are a must. Such is the Goldfinger - Organic, sensitive, and vibrant to the slightest of touch.


Keeping the player’s perspective in mind, the one-piece neck is joined at the 16th fret, revealing a deep cutaway for easy access all the way up to the last fret. The exotic ziricote tone-wood of the fingerboard allows for excellent note separation and clarity whilst its captivating spider-web patterns tell the story of the actual tree it once belonged to. With a solid-brass tailpiece for its natural reverb quality, the beauty of the Goldfinger projects with its sound. To complete its majestic look, we enveloped the entire instrument with a natural figured maple binding.

The pickup selection ranges from the P90s to the noise-canceling Kikbuckers, to the Humbuckers. Unpotted by default and lightly-potted on demand.

Agile and lightweight, yet sturdy and built to last.

The Goldfinger is a distinctive masterpiece instrument that excels in playability and looks, as one.


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