Guitarstix are real all-rounders when it comes to taking care of your instrument. They can easily reach every part of your string instrument and can easily be used to clean and polish all the different components: strings, fingerboard, frets, and other small parts. Guitarstix contain a unique stabilising core and their size and grit types have been specially developed and perfected for the gentle and effective use on string instruments. Using Guitarstix is quick, easy and works without the need for any other cleaning agents, making Guitarstix, a real revolution in your gig bag.


Dark grey surface: coarse grit for rough areas

The dark grey surface is a coarse grit surface which will easily clean even the heaviest and toughest dirt spots and stains. This side is perfected to give you maximum results without removing any of the underlying carrier material.


White surface: fine grit for fine areas

The white surface is what makes Guitarstix the real all-rounder. It can be used to remove light dirt and stains and is especially gentle to the sensitive parts of your instrument. In addition, it is also possible to use this surface to create a matt finish.


Light grey surface: for polishing

The light grey surface can be used to polish all parts of the instrument and give them a mirror finish.


Not only are Guitarstix suitable for cleaning various guitar parts, but they were also designed and created for the use on all string instruments. Whether you play the double bass, ukulele or violin - Guitarstix will work equally on all of them since the materials used in instrument making are often similar.


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