HOSCO / Maxparts


HOSCO's products, made in the Japanese handicraft tradition, belong in every well-equipped instrument maker's workshop. We carry all the tools and workshop equipment needed to make stringed and plucked instruments, saddle files from .009" to .130" thick, fret saws in the finest millimeter increments, chisels of various widths, measuring instruments, pliers, hide glue, working mats or polishing rubbers for dressing frets. In any case, HOSCO's tools and instruments enjoy an excellent reputation among professional craftsmen in the field of instrument making. We offer - also under the Maxparts label - the entire range of this top Japanese brand.

HOSCO's Maxparts tools (as well as the huge selection of HOSCO instrument parts) are available from well-stocked music retailers. Are you an instrument maker or music dealer? Talk to us - we have many HOSCO products in stock. We will order everything else for you promptly.

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