hrafnas 27″ baritone


hrafnas, is the god of ravens, widely know as Odin. To coincide with this concept I decided to place several ravens on the fretboard and the body.
The headstock has a hand-carved raven. The mahogany body received a dark stain to place greater emphasis on the natural wood grain.
The Pickups (and the scale and killswitch as well) is similar to Bucketheads guitar tone and length choices.
The long scale length and the neck-through construction give it a nice sustain. Dominating and powerful would be an excellent description for the hrafnas.

This guitar is completely hand build and carved, about 200 hrs of fun... it was worth it. Watch some videos at Leo Moracchioli "frog leap studios" !

Of course you can have a hrafnas with features of your choice: scale, colour, wood, PickUps, knobs... whatever.

  • 27″ baritone scale
  • 24 frets
  • ergonomic handshaped design
  • 3prt mahogany neckthrough
  • mahogany body
  • rosewood fretboard, 12″
  • Schaller locking tuner
  • Babicz Fullcontact-bridge
  • 3-way-toggle-switch
  • volume, tone, killswitch
  • Gibson 496R und 500T humbucker set
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