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In our online store, we have put together all the items that we have used ourselves over the years and that convinced us so much that we did not want to withhold them from our customers.

Ranging from the strings of the Sadowsky Guitars brand to the handmade high-end cables of Rheingold Music.
As well as LectriCare Music Electronic, the contact spray from Sound Synergies or the Batt-O-Meter from Keith McMillen.

Our offered products benefit from well thought-out functionality, handcrafted production and a long lifetime.
Each of these articles is in daily use at our company and has served us well for years.

Take the time to look at these items on our homepage and read the detailed descriptions.
 We are sure that they will arouse your interest.

As a special offer in the time of the Webcamp 2020 we sell our strings for a reduced price!
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