invective.MH (available mid-December, pre-order now!)


Mini Head Version of the invective.120 Head. Developed in a collaboration with the talented Misha Mansoor.

The invective.120 Head has been one of the most in-demand high-gain amps on the market. Developed in a collaboration with the talented Misha Mansoor, this was one of the first amps designed to be a perfect match for modern pedalboard-centric players. The best-in-class clean channel is the perfect launchpad for your pedal-generated sound. The High-Gain channel in the invective is based on the legendary 6505, known as the amp that created today's hard rock sound. Now with the invective.MH, you can get this versatile performance amp in a Mini-Head form factor.

Misha Mansoor with his invective.120


  • 20-Watt, 2-channel Mini Tube Amp Head
  • 2x EL84 power tubes, 3x 12AX7/ECC83 preamp tubes
  • Mini Head version of invective.120
  • Developed in collaboration with Misha Mansoor (Periphery)
  • Designed for modern, pedalboard-centric players
  • Clean Channel designed to work extremely well with pedals
  • High Gain Channel provides modern metal sound based on legendary 6505
  • “Tight” function reduces Gain & alters EQ of High-Gain Channel (mimics “Crunch” channel
  • Footswitchable Gate for precise muting characteristic in the highest gain modes
  • Footswitchable Lead Boost resembles Misha’s favorite TS style boost at a given setting
  • Control damping factor of power amp via Resonance (works on low end) and Presence (affects high end response)
  • Tube Status indication (T.S.I.™) circuit monitors power-amp tubes
  • MSDI (Mic Simulated Direct Interface) XLR & USB Output for authentic silent recording
  • Speaker Defeat switch redirects powered output to internal dummy load to safely use MSDI or Phones-Out without the need to connect a cabinet
  • 3-way Attenuator Switch: 20-Watt, 5-Watt or 1-Watt output power
  • Combine e.g. with invective.212 (2x 12”) or invective.412 (4x 12”) cabinet

Pre-Order Now. Available Mid December.

invective.MH are finally on their way to Europe. We expect them in stock by mid December.
How to pre-order?
Please write an Email to:
Or contact Musik-Produktiv directly via their Guitar Summit Exhibitor Page.

Exclusive Interview with Misha Mansoor

Please have a look at our "Workshop" section (Peavey Exhibitor Page) or check the general schedule (workshop / livestream) here at Guitar Summit Web Camp. Misha Mansoor was so kind as to give the Guitar Summit Web Camp Team an exclusive interview about the development of invective.MH

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