Jensen Tornado Stealth Series


The Jensen Tornado Stealth speakers are a breakthrough step in the evolution of classic tones, with a substantial reduction in weight. Each of the three Tornado Stealth series features an innovative Neodymium magnet assembly, designed to behave just like a vintage-insipred AlNiCo magnet.
The Tornado 65 features a special 1, 75" voice coil (44mm) and a dedicated cone membrane, for a proper, classic British Rock tone and feel.
The Tornado 80 is voiced for the most contemporary genres, for crispy, crystal clear clean tones, and high gain, deep and firm power chords. It carries an oversized Neo magnet, to ensure all the power needed for those modern genres.
The Tornado 100 is probably the most versatile Jensen speaker ever, with one of the most full bodied, balanced, even, open and smooth tones that a guitar speaker can possibly achieve.
All three share a similar weight, just about 2Kgs, excellent headroom and are super easy to drive with output stages of all kinds and power rating.

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