ST 54

The sound of the ST 54 is a revelation to all who live for the throaty and open sound but still favour a mild delivery. All Buddy Holly´s early recordings from “Love me” to “That´ll be the Day” are fine examples of the sound in question. A different reference covers the sounds in higher gain, overdrive mode: Reverend Billy Gibbons´ 1955 Hardtail Strat. The immortal solo on “La Grange” with its singing, slapping tone has just the right amount of midrange hit to capture the Reverend´s pinch harmonics. Or put another way with a further ZZ-Top title: I heard it on the X… and yeah! This is a downright successful demo of the ST 54 Set from our finnish fellow Marko Karhu of Mad Professor Amplification. Marko is with the Ben Granfelt Band as guitarist on tour. During the last Tour 2015 he made a stop at Kloppmann-Electrics as customary, and as it happens sometimes, Marko and this Custom Shop ‘57 Stratocaster with this Kloppmann ST 54 Set fell in love and it was unavoidable, she had to go with him. Back in Finnland he made this video. Thanks to Marko for this awesome demo!


ST 56

These pickups offer all the characteristics of the classical Strat sound: a bone-dry twang on the lower strings, punch in the midrange and just the right level of bite in the higher registers. So where have you heard this? Well, Clapton, Buddy Guy, Jimmy Vaughn and all the players of mapleneck Strats you can think of. That crisp, bold and swift attack – nothing for the faint of heart as all the nuances of the players´ technique are delivered with merciless candour. But the terrific sound of the ST 56 rewards all the guys who have their heart in the right place and for whom a handshake among pals is worth more than a thousand words

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