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  • AER Acoustic Amplifier

    For almost 30 years we are in the business of building the best amplifiers for acoustic instruments.

    AER is widely considered as a hallmark of acoustic amplification.

  • Ampeg

    Amplifying your life since 1949

  • Baton Rouge Guitars

    Baton Rouge Guitars stands for a new generation of high quality guitars at a fair price. The guitars and ukuleles score with their individual look and are adapted to the needs of a new generation of guitarists, whose playing technique has long since made new demands on the guitar.

  • Beetronics

    Beetronics is a family beezness based in Los Angeles, focused on creating the most unique sounding and looking pedals available on the market today.

  • Bernasconi-Guitars

    Each guitar is unique, built with a clear intuition and vision. We build quality electric components and are very careful in the selection of woods. Often we use “Reclaimed Wood”. Not heavy in weight, but long in sustain, that is our motto.

  • BluGuitar

    BluGuitar is the brainchild of the iconic German guitarist Thomas Blug! Our products are tailor-made to give you the best-sounding and most flexible setup, in the most easily transportable format. From the award-winning AMP1 to the smallest 1×12 cab in the world, our high class products are a guitar player’s dream: “BOUTIQUE TO GO!”

  • Bose Professional

    Bose Professional is the division of Bose dedicated to pro audio — including portable PA systems, conferencing solutions, and installed sound systems — and we’re here to help you build incredible audio experiences.

  • boton®

    Boton produces high-quality pickups for acoustic instruments.

  • Carl Martin

    Carl Martin, based in Denmark, makes high quality effect pedals, tailor made for the needs of professional guitarists and bassists.

  • Charvel

    Guitarist Henrik Danhage has provided the battering riffs for Swedish progressive heavy metal band Evergrey for nearly two decades. Charvel is thrilled to honor the distinct axeman with the Henrik Danhage Limited Edition Signature Pro-Mod So-Cal Style 1.

  • Cole Clark Guitars

    Cole Clark Guitars combine classical construction with innovative design, sustainably sourced woods and the world’s most natural sounding pickup to produce a stronger, lighter, unique instrument for the modern acoustic player.

  • Comaxx

    Many guitarists try to control their own game better by obliquely or upsetting their guitar amplifier. For combo amplifiers, which are usually open at the back, the CoMaxx receives the sound and volume at the back and directs both forwards through the 4-fold chamber system.
    For all open-back combos and single speakers.

  • Cordial

    For 25 years now, CORDIAL has been offering bulk and ready-made cables. Their product portfolio ranges from instrument, microphone and loudspeaker cables, analog multicore systems and adapters to DMX, MIDI and data cables. CORDIAL’s guitar cables have always been a special flagship product – thus the extremely wide product variety.


    CUNTZ GUITARS® Andreas Cuntz – Gitarren aus Meisterhand
    Meisterwerkstatt für Gitarrenbau – Since 1997 handcrafted in Germany
    Steel String Acoustics, Weissenborn Hawaiian Guitars, Service & Reparaturen, Schatten Design Acoustic Pickups

  • Darkglass Electronics

    Darkglass Electronics is a handmade bass guitar equipment company based in Helsinki, Finland. Darkglass was founded in 2009 by chilean engineer Douglas Castro.

  • De Gier Guitars & Basses

    Custom designed guitars and basses, handmade in the Netherland by Sander de Gier. De Gier stands for modern reinterpretations of classic instruments. It has become the choice of many professionals, who need classic sounds and modern reliability. De Gier is most known for basses. The current line of bass models include Bebop, Soulmate and Lowlander.

  • Death by Audio

    Death By Audio handmakes effect pedals in an underground warehouse in Queens, NYC.Every effect pedal we build features sturdy construction to survive even your loudest and most energetic live performances and we precisely engineer each pedal with the best components available to expand your musical horizons with new and original sounds.

  • decision guitars

    Why not create your own guitar ?
    It begins with you and I setting up the layout and construction of your custom design / build. After we build the design you are looking for you can sit back and relax while I concentrate working on every minute detail. All the way to carving an intricate inlay to the final assembly. It´s all about the decision…

  • Dejawu Guitars

    We build high-quality, hand carved, semi-acoustic guitars and arch top guitars using exclusively solid tone woods, traditional construction methods and the best available hardware. We build custom guitars that exceed the expectations and demands of serious musicians who value genuine craftsmanship and seek to own a truly unique instrument.

  • Dimavery

    Dimavery has an instrument for everyone.

  • EarthQuaker Devices

    Here at EarthQuaker Devices, we like pedals so much that we make them one-at-a-time, by hand, the hard way, in the idyllic post-apocalyptic wasteland metropolis of Akron, Ohio, USA.

  • Eich Amplification

    A song really first starts when the bass enters.
    Most people feel that the lower frequencies are not just perceived with the ears but rather felt with the whole body. 
    They first make a piece complete and breathe life into the song.

  • Elite Acoustics Engineering

    Elite Acoustics Engineering is a US manufacturer of innovative amplifier solutions for singer and songwriters.

  • ELYRA – special custom guitars and basses

    Modern and customizable guitars and basses
    Innovative technique paired with top design and solid craftmanship for the ultimate joy of playing.
    Semi-acoustic guitars and solidbody guitars & basses


    Eventide started in a basement in New York in 1971 and has revolutionized the industry with the H910, the Harmonizer. Their authentic delays, intense reverbs and pitch-shifting effects, are known from countless hit albums and still form the typical “eventide sound” today. Check out our brand new Blackhole Effect Pedal in the product section.

  • Eyb Guitars

    custom made electric guitars, basses and sitars. Megaswitches and sitar bridges

  • Fehse Guitars

    Fehse® Guitars is a manufacturer of high quality aluminum guitars. Designed and made with passion in Germany. Dare yourself and find out how you can sound!

  • Fender

    With an illustrious history dating back to 1946, Fender has touched and transformed music worldwide and in nearly every genre. Everyone from beginners and hobbyists to the world’s most acclaimed artists have used Fender instruments and amps.

  • Fendt’s Finest – The Bass Lounge

    Fendt’s Finest – The Bass Lounge is the German specialist store for high-end basses. The selection includes basses of well-known brands like Fodera, Sadowsky, MTD, Skjold and LEH. The Bass Lounge is located near Frankfurt and offers additional services ranging from repair and maintenance work to customer support via video chat.

  • Flame2Fame

    Flame2Fame produces gear and accessories for music instruments. We produce from recycled materials in workshop for people with special needs and we donate our profits for the good cause.

  • Formentera Guitars

    Guitar making courses on the balearic island Formentera.
    In 3 weeks time every customer makes his individual electric guitar or bass and gains lots of knowledge about guitars and their construction.
    The instruments are made all from the scratch. No kits or prefabricated parts!


    Fuchs Audio Technology is a long established and highly respected brand in the world of handmade guitar amplifiers. The portfolio includes heads and combos from 20 to 100 watts and the Fuchs Vintage Cabinets.

  • Gitarre & Bass

    Gitarre & Bass is published monthly and is the No.1 music magazine for musicians in the German-speaking world – up-to-date, competent, informative, entertaining. Started in 1986 with our print magazine, today we address guitarists and bassists, both analog and digital. With the Guitar Summit, we organize the largest guitar show in Europe.

  • greensound

    Solid wood boxes, environmentally friendly with natural sound radiation for electric guitar, A guitar, bass, keyboards, PA and studio.

  • Greuter Audio

    Greuter Audio – Fine Guitar Effects – Handmade in Switzerland
    It’s all about the sound, the feel, the look and your ears.

  • Grover

    For over a century, Grover has maintained the tuning on some of the world’s finest instruments.

  • GUILD Guitars and Basses

    Guild is one of the world’s historic guitar manufacturers with a long-standing reputation for building iconic musical instruments. With a tradition built on old world craftsmanship, quality, and value, Guild guitars have always been made to be played.

  • Guitarstix

    Guitarstix – A File for every style! The newest and best way for fast and easy cleaning.

  • Harmony

    The world’s most
    cherished musical
    instrument company.

  • Helliver Guitars

    Handmade Perfection! Finest electric guitars from Münster, Westfalen. Billy Gibbons approved.

  • Hotone

    Behind Hotone Audio is a group of people passionate about music. We are a highly experienced international team that combines professional expertise with legit artistic spirit. We have one goal in mind: Create hot sonic tools to take your inspiration to the next level.

    We are motivated by technological innovation, we see excellence in quality as a

  • Hughes & Kettner

    Hughes & Kettner products provide everything guitar players need to make music, particularly top-drawer guitar tone paired with phenomenal ease of use. Teaming up with world-class engineers and musicians, we have created many groundbreaking solutions over the years.

  • J. Rockett Audio Designs

    J. Rockett Audio Designs was formed by Chris Van Tassel and Jay Rockett in 2006 with the dream of creating the best guitar effects for players around the world. Both Jay and Chris had been long time session musicians with many years of experience in the recording industry.

  • Jackson

    Come to the Dark Side #jacksonguitars

  • JayDee Guitars

    Nothing off the shelf, no product lines, no standardized guitars – ever!
    Because every Musician’s Hand and Soul need an individual, tailor-made Instrument.

  • Jens Towet fine handmade guitars

    Jens Towet „Fine handmade Guitars“

    handmade acoustic, classical and electric guitars
    repairs, restoration and installing pickups

  • Jensen Speakers

    Jensen Speakers offers two main lines of speakers for Guitar: the Vintage Reissue series for the classic American tones, and the Jet series for all the more contemporary music genres. The ranges include speakers from 6″ to 15″, with AlNiCo, Ceramic and Neodymium magnets.
    Jensen Speakers are manufactured in Italy by SICA Altoparlanti s.r.l..

  • JR Instruments

    Looking for the ultimate custom instrument? Where every detail can be specified? This doesn’t cost a fortune, just a little know-how and computer technology. Interesting for luthiers: I also make components like fingerboards with compound radius and fan frets.

  • Kala

    As the most recognizable and trusted name in ukulele, Kala has more unique models to choose from than any other brand in the world! Musical icons across genres choose to play Kala instruments—Twenty One Pilots, Vance Joy, and Prince’s former bassist, Nik West, etc. Kala is the place where countless players got their start—from beginner to legend.


    In the professional audio and video world, the name KLOTZ stands for cable products of the highest quality since 1979.
    To achieve the highest quality, we consistently set high standards for our production. We are convinced that we can only achieve these results in Germany.

  • König & Meyer

    The name König & Meyer has stood for sophisticated and original music accessories for more than 70 years.
    The company’s loyalty to its home base of Germany, the high quality and reliability of its products and an environmentally-aware production system are strengths which have firmly established the company in the international market.

  • La Mancha Guitars

    All along, Spanish guitars have offered a very special sound, the sound we all love. That is exactly what La Mancha Guitars from Germany wants to offer you – the perfect mixture of German development, Spanish design and Asian manufacturing. With this multicultural approach, La Mancha Guitars combines classic design with innovative ideas.

  • Lakewood Guitars

    Lakewood Guitars is a company based in Giessen, Germany, with a worldwide reputation for great acoustic guitars. If you are looking for the perfect mixture of mechanical precision and loving handcraft, you will find it here. Especially when it comes to realizing individual customer wishes, because the Lakewood Customshop leaves nothing to be desire


    Signal Routing Solutions. Made in Germany.

  • Line 6

    We’re musicians. We’re technologists. So, we’re fanatics about engineering innovative, amazing-sounding gear that’s ready to go right out of the box. And we’re pros who have a track record of designing category-defining products that shatter technical barriers─so you can focus on your music.

  • Manuel Ali Guitars

    Custom Handmade Guitars from Ostwestfalen / Germany
    Built with passion & care

  • Marleaux Bass Guitars

    We build handcrafted electric basses of the finest quality.
    Years of experience and continual quest for perfection drive the development of our instruments.
    We are constantly refining and tweaking our processes for building our various bass models.
    We heavily incorporate feedback, requests and ideas from our customers.


    Vintage guitars with character, charisma and charm.
    Instruments that tell a story by playing the first note – your story.
    Maybach Guitars offer the right tool for every project in nine designs.

  • Musik Produktiv

    We call our flagship music shop in Germany “The El Dorado for musicians”. With over 3000 square meters of shop floor filled with musical instruments, surrounded by beautiful meadows and ponds in rural Germany, musicians of all styles will find exactly what they are looking for.

  • PeacePoti

    The PeacePoti replaces conventional effect device pot knobs with a robust protective sleeve and integrated dial. So it eliminates accidental changes while still enabling direct adjustments on the fly.

    PeacePoti: ADD, SET, FORGET!

  • Peavey Electronics

    Founded by Hartley Peavey in 1965 as a one-man shop, today Peavey Electronics Corporation is one of the largest makers and suppliers of musical instruments, amplifiers and professional audio systems in the world—distributing more than 2,000 products to more than 130 countries.

  • Pedaltrain

    Pedaltrain is an independent musical instrument accessory manufacturer based in the Nashville, TN area. Pedal Boards for every purpose.

  • Phil Jones Bass

    Phil Jones, an electronics engineer and sound engineer, built his first bass equipment as a teenager and brought some technologies to the hi-fi and pro audio market that have since become standard.

  • PJD Guitars

    PJD Guitars, Hand built, British guitars without a crazy price tag.

  • Plek

    Plek – a byword for the highest possible standards in guitar playability. Taking fretwork to the next level!

  • Raato Custom Guitars

    Perfect Harmony of Playability, Tone & Unique Looks – Electric Guitar & Bass Builder. All instruments are built-to-order and available as standard & multiscale versions. Custom finish options eg. Lichtenberg Wood Burning finish made with electricity. We also build instruments based on customer´s own sketch

  • Ramp

    We build charismatic electric guitars with character and look from the sixties.
    Since every player has individual needs and sound ideas, every ramp guitar is tailored to these requirements and built by hand.

  • Sadowsky

    Since 1979, Roger Sadowsky has worked with legendary musicians like Will Lee, Marcus Miller, Verdine White, Walter Becker, Jim Hall, and Chuck Loeb to create instruments that are timeless and cutting edge, with the legendary Sadowsky sound that is immediately recognizable both live and on recording.

  • Sandberg Guitars

    If you think, there is not much to tell about Braunschweig you are wrong. In Braunschweig you will find the company Schimmel, which builds famous upright and grand pianos, and the Mast, which brews the legendary Jägermeister. And then there is SANDBERG, a specialist in building electric basses and guitars.

  • Schott Music

    For 250 years, Schott has been writing history in music.

  • Sennheiser



    Good sound is fine for some people. But at Shure, we’re only interested in delivering sound experiences that immerse and inspire you.

  • Siggi Braun – Fine Young Guitars

    Founded in 1993, today the company Siggi Braun – Fine Young Guitars comprises a team of passionate specialists who strive to improve the existing level. We consider each crafted guitar not just an instrument, but also a piece of art. This way, we not only make true the dreams of many guitarists, but also fulfil our own dreams.

  • Source Audio

    Founded in 2005 by audio specialists who had previously worked at Analog Devices and Kurzweil Music, Source Audio soon conquered the music market with a groundbreaking innovation: the motion-controlled Hot Hand Ring for controlling guitar effect pedals. And that was just the beginning…

  • Spalt Instruments

    Spalt Instruments presents instruments made by luthier and artist Michael Spalt. During his more than 20-year long career Michael has become well-known for his handmade guitars and basses, each a visually stunning instrument with impressive superior tonal quality and playability.

  • SUV Pedals

    SUV Pedals – Guitar Pedals Handmade in Germany -Exclusive Distribution by Cotton Musical Supply

  • The Wolfmeister

    The Wolfmeister offers a range of high end, hand-crafted products for guitarists and bass guitar players.
    Our line of Gig-Shells™ gives you easy to carry convenience, with a superior – patent pending – protection system, in a style that’s inspired by the vintage and high-end instruments they have been created for.

  • TiefTöner

    Guitar and bass cabinets for professional musicians

  • Tools & Parts by Allgayer Media

    Tools & Parts is a wholesale for premium tools and parts for instrument making as well as for selected musical instrument accessories. We represent the renowned brands HOSCO / Maxparts, GOTOH and Maxpic. We also supply music retailers with selected strings of the brands Picato and Innovation for fretted instruments and double bass.

  • Tube Amp Doctor

    Tube Amp Doctor – premium selected tubes, components and spare parts – everything you need for amp building and beyond.

  • Two Notes

    The French company Two notes stands for professional dynamic IRs with a wide range of microphones and speakers as well as power amp and room simulations, in roadworthy and cleverly designed devices.

  • Valeton

    Valeton is a new brand offering fresh designs for musicians looking for quality gear for every style, setting, and genre.

  • Vincent Bass Guitars

    VINCENT Bass Guitars – Home of the True Tone
    Handcrafted, lightweight, Made in Germany

  • Vuorensaku Guitars

    Vuorensaku Guitars – run by Master Luthier Saku Vuori – is one of the most radical custom offset brands at the market!
    The T.Family Collection is based on own offset design served with the coolest and the most legendary features and options in the world of electric guitars and basses. Each instrument is individual and made by order.

  • Walrus Audio

    Walrus Audio is a collective of artists, musicians, engineers, video game nerds, cyclists and cat owners coming together every day to create little boxes that inspire.


    Yamaha Guitars. Never Standing Still.

  • ZOOM

    Zoom designs and produces a wide array of recording devices, multi-effects processors, effects pedals, digital mixers, and samplers. Our innovative, cutting-edge technology is trusted world-wide by sound designers, musicians, podcasters, filmmakers, location sound professionals, electronic news gatherers, and anyone who creates amazing things.

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