M-24 Edition 2021


The history of the Celts arrived in North America with the emigrants and so aspects of different cultures are reflected in the M-24 Edition 2021. An Adirondack spruce top from the northeast of the American continent matches the frame and back in Claro Walnut, an attractive and outstanding sounding tonewood from Oregon on the west coast of the USA. And now the Celts come into play: We have decorated the fingerboard with the classic "knots", which can be seen here in white mother of pearl, matching the head and soundhole inlay. The M-24 Edition 2021 sounds powerful and has particular strengths in the projection of the warm midrange frequencies. A slightly shorter scale length of 630mm and the neck transition at the 13th fret make this guitar very compact and easy to play. The built-in L.R.Baggs Anthem System is available in the background if you want to give this instrument even more attention in front of a large audience.

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