M-35 Edition 2021


Domestic woods, which are obtained from the regions in Germany and neighboring countries, were for a long time little noticed and had to take second place to exotic wood types. However, there is no reason for this and we have been using precious tone woods from Europe for many years. The M-35 Edition 2021 is a sovereign example of how regional woods not only sound excellent but also look extremely attractive. But right from the start: Hazel spruce from Austria, light oak from Champagne, maple and plum wood from Germany form the substance of this instrument. The tortie-colored purfling and the accentuated and transparent colored varnish for body and neck give the M-35 Edition 2021 an exclusive look. The instrument also convinces as a stage instrument with the powerful sounding L.R.Baggs Session VTC System and a cutaway that allows playability in the uppermost positions of the fingerboard.

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