Morgan JMI 10th Anniversary


The Morgan JMI is a 20-watt, cathode biased, EL84 all-tube amplifier in the style of the old British “top boost” design. This was one of the first amps Joe Morgan built, in his home garage, long before he ever considered starting an amp company. The JMI combines the best of early 60’s top boost style circuits with an additional gain stage. The added gain helps boost the CLEAN headroom of the amp with a greater punch, and tighter feel, than a conventional top boost circuit. Joe's design has been updated to the 21st century, with some player comforts, that make it easier to use with any pedal board and at any venue. This amp was created to solve modern guitar player amplifier issues with the ability to stay true to vintage tonality. This no-compromise, top boost amplifier was designed for the gigging professional and the casual home player alike.

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